Top 10 Best Fishing Lakes In Wisconsin (2024)

Wisconsin is blessed with a lot of natural blessings, including water bodies where you can hunt for different species of fish at different times of the year. While you have a lot of options, we will see some of the best fishing lakes in Wisconsin that can be recommended to fishers of different categories.

Top 10 Best Fishing Lakes In Wisconsin

1. Big St Germain Lake

Let’s start with the Big St Germain Lake. It is a prominent fishing spot here with a reputation for its beauty. While we must be realistic that this lake is not the biggest of its kind in Wisconsin (1,622 acres in size), the fact remains that one can hunt for species such as panfish, large and smallmouth bass, trout, walleye, and northern pike.

It is also necessary to add that at Big St Germain Lake, fishers will have full access to the lake from a public boat landing, and you can do your thing with style. Even if you want, you have the liberty to access the lake from Fawn Lake or Mud Creek.

2. Black Earth Creek

Another great fishing spot in Wisconsin is Black Earth Creek. Here is a famous stream that is with a good reputation for being one of the best places for fly fishing around here. One of the beautiful things here is how this location is keenly managed to avoid nonpoint source contamination. Fishers should be aware that the place is full of forage fish.

It should also be added that at Black Earth Creek, you can do other exciting things beyond fishing, including hunting, hiking, bird watching, etc.

3. Jack Lake

Jack Lake is one of the best fishing spots in Wisconsin. This is one of those places where you can dedicate a full day to go and enjoy. Also, while we can’t recommend certain other fishing spots to starters due to the way they are, Jack Lake is open to even beginners. This is so because you can easily catch something whenever you are fishing here and boost your confidence. Finally, anyone can come over here to hunt for walleye, bluegill, and yellow perch.

4. Kickapoo River

While making a list of the top 10 best fishing spots in Wisconsin, we have to include Kickapoo River. Now, you should take note of the fact that in several fish spots around here, you are not permitted to go home with whatever you caught (catch and release). However, at this river, whenever you catch anything here, you can go home with it. It means Kickapoo River is an ideal place for fishers who want to do this for a meal.

Finally, if you are experienced and skilled, and you know you can fish from a small boat, you will discover that you can record great success. Nevertheless, even if you are a starter, you can still fish from the shore.

5. Puckaway Lake

Shallow water fishing is on another level at Puckaway Lake. It is a suitable place to fish, and you can hunt for species such as catfish, northern pike, musky, panfish, largemouth bass, and walleye. Puckaway Lake is 5,013 acres in size and fishers can access the lake from public boat landings. If you desired a great location that takes you out of the city to enjoy a day trip, then Puckaway Lake should be considered. Nevertheless, it is important to see to it that you avoid coming here on a super windy day.

6. Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is another lovely place to fish around here, suitable for fishers searching for a wide variety of fish to catch. One can hunt for species such as smallmouth bass, northern pike, lake trout, crappie, bluegill, and even cisco’s.

7. Altoona Lake

Altoona Lake offers good fishing opportunities to fishers of various types. Fishers have the liberty to access the lake from a public boat landing and a public beach. You should have it on the back of your heart that Altoona Lake is an artificial reservoir, and you can hunt for species such as smallmouth bass, walleye, musky, and panfish.

8. Pelican Lake

Pelican Lake is in Oneida county, and it’s 3,545 acres in size. The lake has a maximum depth of 39 ft. Here you’ll be able to catch northern pike, walleye, panfish, and musky. There is also small and largemouth bass. This lake made our list of the 10 best fishing spots in Wisconsin this summer because of the variety of environments. It’s one of the largest lakes in Oneida county, with varying water levels, structures, and cover. The shore length is 13 miles long; the bottom of the water is about 40% sand and 20% gravel. The bottom of the water is about 40% sand, 30% muck, 10% rock, and 20% gravel. The shoreline is 13 miles long and provides a variety of fish populations.

9. Hope Lake

Located in Jefferson county, Hope Lake is a great fishing destination in Wisconsin that also offers great and amazing fishing opportunities to fishers. Here, one can hunt for panfish, pike, and largemouth bass. While fishers are not permitted to make use of motorized motorboats, they can have access to the lake from public boat landings. Hence, those that enjoy peaceful fishing can simply get a canoe or kayak and head over to Hope Lake.

10. Eagle River

Finally, let’s conclude with Eagle River. If you are very particular about walleye, then you should come over here. Of course, Eagle River made the cut before it is one of the very best fishing spots in Wisconsin. Also, while you can always visit the place anytime you want, it is advisable that you patronize Eagle River either in the morning or evening.

Finally, we should make a clarification that while Eagle River is prominent for walleye, it is in actual fact a fishing location where fishers can still hunt for other species too – bass, bluegills, perch, muskie, etc.

In Conclusion

Looking for the next fishing location around here? These are some of the best fishing spots in Wisconsin.

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