Top 10 Best Fishing Spots In Brisbane (2024)

It is not a hard thing to get a great place to carry out your fishing activities in Brisbane. It is fortunately surrounded by waterways in every direction, but you must be aware of the spots that will produce good yields for you.

Some of the best fishing spots in Brisbane have been consistent when it comes to catching a great measure of fish.

Top 10 Best Fishing Spots In Brisbane

These spots are a combination of rivers, beaches, creeks, etc. You can always approach anyone that is closest to you and go fishing without being worried about wasting your time.

Here they are:

1. Hornibrook Bridge

Located in Brighton, Brisbane, you can get lovely fishes like flathead, whiting, tailor, and bream here. Due to its current state, it is easy to see fishes hiding and diving below the water around the Hornibrook Bridge.

2. Bribie Island

Bribie Island is around Moreton Bay Area, filled with different types of great fishes – bream,  jewfish, flathead, snapper, parrot, dart, cod, whiting, and Moses perch. Interestingly, a lot of fishers love coming here, not just for the obvious reason of getting a catch, but also because it is a great island that is accessible by car.

While you have a lot of liberty to do your thing here, you should be conscious of a small no-fishing zone within the passage, and you are expected to keep off from here in your fishing adventures.

3. Shorncliffe Pier

This is another great spot to fish in Brisbane. You can catch fish like bream, whiting, tailor, flathead, and even garfish. Interestingly, you don’t only have to visit this place just to get fish. This is also a lovely area to catch sunrise or sunset over the water.

4. Wellington Point Jetty

Located in Wellington Point, you can catch fish like bream, flathead, tailor, snapper, and squid. Interestingly, this jetty stretches out from the eastern end of the Wellington Point peninsula, and you can easily carry out your fishing task without many issues.

This spot can be easily recommended because there are usually fishes to catch many times. A lot of people have made good catches here, and you can pay a visit too.

5. Kookaburra Park

Kookaburra Park is in Karana Downs, and it is also one of the best places to engage in fishing in Brisbane. You can get fish such as mullet, catfish, and mud crabs here. It is beautiful that you can around here to have a nice time with a loved one and still catch fish alongside. This is because there are various nice things to do and engage in at Kookaburra Park aside from fishing. In fact, it is a dog-friendly place, and you can come with yours if you like.

6. Breakfast Creek

Breakfast Creek is in Newstead, and you can get fish like jackfish, flathead, bream, mangrove jack, threadfin salmon, and jewfish here. The Creek is a well-known tributary to the city’s major waterway and is a great spot for fishers too.

It is also helpful to inform you that if you seek certain types of fish at Breakfast Creek, you should learn the ways of the tides. For instance, if you want to get bream, it is easy when there is high tide. Generally, if you are really bent on making a good catch, you should go early in the morning. If you can’t go very early, then you should go later in the evening.

7. Nudgee Beach

At Nudgee Beach, you can get fish like whiting, flathead, trevally, and bream. Like certain other places on this list, even if you are having a hard time getting fish here, you can always engage in other interesting things (like engaging the picnic area, the playground, etc).

 8. Manly Boat Harbour

You can get fish like bream, trevally, cod, and flathead at Manly Boat Harbour. You can always change positions and decide to cast off into deeper water to get a good catch. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t get some things within the harbor itself. There are fishes that hide around the boats that are littered around here, and you can easily pick them too.

9. Mud Island

Mud Island is located in Moreton Bay. There are different types of fish you can get at Mud Island, including mackerel, bream, tailor, crab, and long-tail tuna. In spite of the fact that it takes a boat ride (5km) to get here right from the Brisbane River port, a lot of people still don’t mind going here for fishing adventures.

If you want to be more effective and efficient in your fishing adventures, it is helpful to ask around for what works, particularly from those who have been fishing here consistently. One tip you should have in mind is that fishing around this place is suitable at dawn or dusk. Once you are ready to make the necessary sacrifices to either wake up as early as possible to come and fish or tarry till evening to do so, you should make a good catch with all things equal.

10. Brisbane River

Finally, one of the best spots for fishing adventures in Brisbane is the Brisbane River itself. It doesn’t matter what part of the city you are in, you can easily have something to do with this versatile River. Brisbane River can be utilized to get fish like snapper, threadfin salmon, flathead, catfish, jewfish, bream, and Bull shark.

There are fishes you won’t easily get elsewhere but can easily get from Brisbane River. All you have to do is simply connect from any part of the city and drop your line. It is also helpful to add that the most famous spots as far as fishing in Brisbane River is concerned, are anywhere between the river mouth and the Gateway Bridge.

In Conclusion

These are the top best fishing spots in Brisbane that are usually accessible to anyone interested in catching fish around the city. There are different types of fish at different spots, you only need to know where to go.

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