Top 10 Best Fishing Spots In Cape Town (2024)

You can indulge in recreational fishing in and around Cape Town, and it can prove to be a fruitful adventure if you really know what you are doing. Indeed, there are several fishing spots around this place that offers excellent fishing opportunities for fishers.

Some of the best fishing spots in Cape Town offer both saltwater and freshwater fishing options. There are spots where even beginners can do well, while there are other places that require only experts for effectiveness. So, some spots are quiet rivers, while some are deep in the sea. And while some are dams, some others are streams. These different spots carry different peculiarities.

Top 10 Best Fishing Spots In Cape Town

1. Rooikrans

One of the best fishing spots in Cape Town is located here. It has a reputation for being one of the most prominent fishing spots in the whole country. Due to its unique peculiarities, you are offered opportunities for world-class fishing, and you can find species like Blacktail, Kob, Galjoen, and Yellowtail.

Already, we have highlighted the fact that not everyone can fish everywhere since certain spots are very hard for beginners. One of such is here in Rooikrans. If you are a starter, you should avoid here (or go and learn with an expert). The reason for this is that the cliffs make landing fish very tough. There have been instances where fishers were swept into the water. Hence, avoid it if you are a beginner.

2. Kommetjie Bay

Kommetjie Bay is another great spot to fish around Cape Town. There are varying fishing opportunities here too, and anyone can have something to do at Kommetjie Bay. For instance, you can engage in onshore fishing particularly when the Baracouta begins its popular winter run. However, when doing it offshore, you can give your rod and reel a real task.

At Kommetjie Bay, you can get species such as Tuna, Albacore, Black Marlin, and Mako Sharks. On a good day and with proper positioning via expertise, you will be able to get a good catch.

3. Melkbosstrand

Melkbosstrand is another suitable place to fish around here. You can find the likes of blacktail, kob, and steenbras. Interestingly, unlike various other spots in and around Cape Town, this particular place is family-friendly, and you can come over for a family trip for relaxation.

It takes around 35km to get here from Cape Town, and you can do various things on this beach, including swimming. This means, even if you are having a bad time getting fish, you can still enjoy only lovely things at Melkbosstrand. So, even if you are a beginner, you can engage in your fishing adventures here.

4. Jacobs Bay

Jacobs Bay is yet another great fishing spot around Cape Town. Fortunately, it is not a tough place to fish, and anyone can come around to do their thing. Unlike certain other spots, you don’t have to be bothered about strong waves threatening you while fishing. At Jacobs Bay, you can find blacktail and steenbras without having to always struggle.

You can visit Jacobs Bay with your family and still enjoy your time at the place.

5. Langebaan

If you crave species like Black Marlin as well as the rare Broadbill, you should come right here. You can pair up with people of like minds (in other words, fishers like yourself) and come here for fishing trips. Doing this is not only about the fish you want to catch, but also the thrills attached to lagoon fishing. Obviously, while there are several fishing spots in Cape Town, it is not everywhere that one can engage in ski-boat fishing.

6. Fischerhaven Dam

If you are bent on fishing on fresh waters, you can do your business on Fischerhaven Dam. Here, you will find species like bass, rainbow trout fishing, and carp. The Dam is situated outside of Hermans, and you shouldn’t encounter difficulties getting there.

7. Theewaterskloof Dam

Another top-notch freshwater platform to engage in freshwater fishing. At Theewaterskloof Dam (which is one of the best fishing spots in Cape Town), you can easily find species such as smallmouth bass, trout, and carp. You can easily locate this spot since it is close to Villersdorp on the N2 past Bot River.

8. Clanwilliam Dam

If you give great priority to fishing in fresh waters from dams close to Cape Town, you can visit Clanwilliam Dam also. This dam is a great place to fish and can be recommended as one of the best fishing spots around here. The location is some 230kms out of Cape Town on the N7. It is filled with large and smallmouth black bass that you will love.

9. In and around False Bay and the Cape Peninsula

You can explore these areas to get amazing species such as bluefin and yellowfin Tuna. Nevertheless, due to the peculiarities of these places, it is always advisable that only experts should turn their attention to them. If you are a newbie, there are other fishing spots you can visit aside from these types.

10. La Lancha – Cape Town, Northern Suburbs

Finally, let’s recommend La Lancha. This is a family friendly area where children can fish for fun (although they must be supervised while doing this). Located on The Klein Bottelary Farm on Bottelary Road, you don’t have to be worried about tough elements, unlike several other fishing spots around Cape Town.

However, you must be ready to pay a small fee to fish for the day. Alternatively, one can decide to join their membership and enjoy benefits such as being allowed to fish anytime they want.

Remember we said La Lancha is an appropriate family friendly area? Well, aside from fishing, you and your family can also enjoy other things here, such as outdoor movies, drumming, and so on. There is also a great restaurant around to get nice food.

In Conclusion

These are some of the best fishing spots in Cape Town and around the area, where you can get different species of fish.

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