Top 10 Best Fishing Spots In Galveston (2024)

Serious and passionate fishers can embrace the several fishing opportunities in and around Galveston. First of all, it is noteworthy to start by placing emphasis on the fact that a lot of fishing experts have been produced from the region of Galveston, even much more than any other part of the state of Texas. Hence, fishing around Galveston is a delight.

And while there are various opportunities here, we will see some of the best fishing spots in Galveston which fishers should give great priority to. Remember, the town is surrounded by an array of different waterways that can be approached by different types of fishers. And as a matter of fact, there are different species of fish one can hunt for around here – Redfish, Flounder, Speckled Trout, Sheepshead, etc.

Top 10 Best Fishing Spots In Galveston

1. Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge

Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge is one of the most prominent fishing spots around Galveston. We can decide to start with this since it is a versatile and lovely fishing spot where you find a lot of fishing opportunities. Interestingly, if you have a great interest in kayak fishing, you should give serious consideration to Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge. Here, fishers can easily find species like Redfish, Trout, and Flounder.

2. Texas City Dike

With a reputation for being the longest man-made fishing pier in the world, here is another superb fishing spot to cast a line as a fisherman around Galveston Bay. Here, you can hunt for Trout, Redfish, Sheepshead, and Black Drum.

3. Seawolf Park

Considering that you will find one of the most prominent fishing piers on Galveston Bay Here, we have to include this on the list of the top 10 best fishing spots in Galveston. One of the most prominent fish you will easily find here is Flounder.

4. Rollover Pass

Rollover Pass, which has connected the Gulf of Mexico to the waters of Galveston Bay for many years now, is now closed for some reasons. However, since it appears here, then you should know that fishing activities can still be carried out here. Fishers can hunt for big Trout and Redfish in the surrounding waters.

5. Galveston Island State Park

This indeed is an amazing place to fish in Galveston. One of the nice things that should be greatly emphasized as far as fishing in the Galveston Island State Park is concerned, is that it is a license-free area. This means, one can always easily fish here without stress, and there is always something good for everyone, irrespective of what type of fisher you are.

Amazingly, the Park, as expected, has great amenities. You will enjoy yourself fishing here, and you can hunt for the likes of Redfish and Speckled Trout here.

6. Eagle Point Marina

This has been one of the oldest fishing spots in Galveston Bay and is obviously one of the best around here. You should know that a lot of fishers have been visiting Eagle Point Marina for many years now, and the place has been providing an abundance of fish too.

One of its selling points is its superb facilities, such as wet and dry storage, Gas dock, Restrooms and showers, an excellent on-water restaurant, and so on.

7. East Bay

Fishing here, you will find several types of fish, such as redfish and large spotted trout. Some of the best spots around here that should be given great priority to are Cow Shed Reef, Elmgrove Flats, Fat Rat Flats, Hanna’s Reef, Northwest Flats, Pepper Grove Reef, Smith Point, Robinson Flats, West Bolivar Flats, etc.

8. Pelican Island

One of the best fishing spots in Galveston is Pelican Island. Due to its peculiarities and uniqueness (such as its sandy flats), it is so easy to hunt for flounders, redfish, and trout in this area. While one can’t camp here, one can decide to fish all night if there is a need for that. There are lots of nice things to do here aside from fishing too.

You can in fact head towards Seawolf Park and you will be amazed at the extent of the fishing opportunities awaiting you here. Additionally, it standouts for its facilities too – there are restrooms and fish cleaning stations nearby.

9. Galveston Fishing Pier

Here is another well-known fishing spot that offers a lot of fishing opportunities to passionate fishers around Galveston. Interestingly, it is open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. during the week, and there are a whole lot of things to do in the space of time. Fishers can find blue runner, bull shark, croaker, drum, blacktip shark, flounder, king mackerel, and pompano at this place.

One of the things we shouldn’t forget to add is that one can fish here all night on weekends. Don’t forget too that you will be charged a $10 fee for fishing here.

10. 61 St. Fishing Pier

Finally, here is another very productive fishing spot that should be included in your list. Fishers can hunt for Redfish, Black Drum, Spanish Mackerel, and Blacktip Sharks here, and it doesn’t matter what your skill level is. The pier is equipped with bait and tackle shops and can be recommended to anyone passionate about fishing around here.

In Conclusion 

Of course, compared with some other places, the waters of this town might be shallow, but it is interesting that the variety of fish species available here can be mind-blowing. Therefore, you can always explore these best fishing spots in Galveston as a passionate fisher, irrespective of what your skill level is currently. While it is true that there are many options available for you in different parts of Texas, Galveston Bay fishers should give great priority to the ones talked about here.

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