Top 10 Best Fishing Spots In Gauteng (2024)

Gauteng is a very great province in South Africa with a lot to offer. And if you are passionate about fishing for whatever purpose, it is a nice thing to know that there are numerous fishing opportunities that wait for you in and around Gauteng.

The best fishing spots in Gauteng contains various species, and different types of fishers of varying skill level can thrive.

Top 10 Best Fishing Spots In Gauteng

1. Aston Lake

As a fisher in Gauteng, you should give serious attention to Aston Lake, as it is a prominent fishing area in the province. This little dam can be found on the outskirts of Springs on Endicot road, and you can easily find barbel and carp. As a matter of fact, we can easily recommend this area because even a starter can do well here.

However, you must be aware of the way things are done here, as there is a system in place as far as the administration is concerned. Here, they don’t permit motorbikes, quads, boats, firearms, and even dogs. Also, if you are going to be fishing here, be ready to pay R15. Finally, since it is usually kind of crowded at weekends, it is always advisable to come as early as possible to colonize your spot.

2. Bass Lake Lodge

Fishers can head towards this place to fish too. Located in the Bobbejaansberg, which is 20 minutes northeast of Pretoria, you will have the experience of a time fishing here. A well-organised place, there are some 34 spacious stands with water- and power points.

3. Bon Accord Dam

This was included on the list of best fishing spots in Gauteng as it offers excellent fishing opportunities too. While it is not as prominent as certain others on this list, it is a unique spot where you can cast a line.

4. Bronkhorstspruit Nature Reserve

One of the very best fishing spots in Gauteng is Bronkhorstspruit Nature Reserve. Well, it is not a new place since many fishers around here are already familiar with the spot, and they usually troop down to the Reserve to find fish of various types

Hence, it is advisable that if you want to come around to fish on a weekend (and even on public holidays), then you should come as early as possible. As a matter of fact, even on normal days, it is advisable that you should start your fishing adventures as early as possible. It is also necessary to add that there are a number of camping sites along the shore, and you can do a lot here.

5. Fun Fishing

In the South of Johannesburg, this is a place where fishers can enjoy themselves while fishing at both man-made and natural dams. Located at Swartkoppies Road at Rietvlei Farm, one gets to find the likes of bass and carp and kurper and trout, and you will delight yourself fishing in clear water. Hence, this has to be one of the best places to fish around Gauteng.


Additionally, you can do your thing in Bajadam, since it is an amazing place to find fish in Gauteng. With about four kilometers of waterfront, fishers can always move towards the spot to catch different species. You should take note of the fact that there are different types of water sports activities that are carried out here, and not just fishing alone. For instance, those that enjoy motorboats are also welcome here to do their stuff at Bajadam, which is located on the southern bank of the Bronkhorstspruit Dam.

7. Bassomania

Bassomania is one of the best fishing spots in Gauteng. However, you must be ready to pay before this can be a reality. Here are the details of the pricing:

A. Adult fisher (Overnight) / R120.00 /p/p/day
B. Adult fisher /per day,(Day visitors) / R120.00 /p/p/day
C. Fisher Scholars (Day visitors) R60.00 /p/p/day
D. Fisher Scholars (Overnight) R80.00 /p/p/day

So, you see, there are different fees attached to different categories. It’s a matter of where you fall into and what you want to do. Also, you should be aware that here, no petrol motors are allowed. However, you can make use of rowing/sneaker motors for R30.00/ day. Finally, it is also very advisable that you make use of lifejackets.

8. Boschkop oord

Located in the city of Vereeniging, fishers can come over here to fish too. Nevertheless, you should be told that they don’t allow boats and jetskis here, you can only do fishing (although they permit canoes and bait boats). Additionally and interestingly, you can decide to buy drinks around the place and enjoy yourself when doing your thing.

9. Donaldson Dam

Donaldson Dam is situated in Randfontein, and you can catch different species here. Hence, it is one of the best fishing spots in Gauteng that can be recommended to fishers. If you aim for Carp and Black bass, you may want to give this spot great attention. Before now, some fishers have caught some really big fish here.

10. Ithumela

Finally, here is another popular fishing spot in Gauteng that can be recommended to passionate fishers around this province. However, you should be aware that this place should only be given priority to by those who love engaging catch and release. That is, when you catch any fish, they should be released back into the water since that is how things are operated here. By so doing, you can have contact with species like Bass and Kurper, Rainbow trout, and yellow fish. Nevertheless, you should be ready to pay R120 to gain access.

In Conclusion

There are several places to engage in fishing around here, but these are some of the best fishing spots in Gauteng that can easily be recommended to fishers around the province.

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