Top 10 Best Fishing Spots In  Houston (2024)

There are several exciting things to do in Houston. This large Texan city has a lot of fun places one can visit, and there are also aspects of the city that can be enjoyed by passionate fishers too. And, indeed, there are various fishing spots around the city where passionate fishers can cast a line.

In some of these best fishing spots in Houston, you will find and enjoy a lot of fishing opportunities while having fun with your loved ones if you so desired. It is worthwhile to note that some of these best fishing spots around Houston are not only kid-friendly, but they can also boast of picnic areas.

Top 10 Best Fishing Spots In  Houston

1. Lake Anahuac

Located on the Texas coastline, the fabulous Lake is part of a wildlife refuge that is a great place to experience both saltwater and freshwater fishing. It is a very prominent fishing spot around Houston where you can carry out fishing in a pleasurable manner. At Lake Anahuac, fishers can catch species like white crappie, black drum, and flounder.

2. McGovern Lake

McGovern Lake is one of the best fishing spots in Houston with a good reputation too. It should however be noted that there are regulations for fishing here. For instance, you can be permitted to fish at McGovern Lake only if you are either 65 years and above, or you are 12 years and below.

Fortunately, the water is clear, and even starters can start here. You don’t have to worry much, since the place is well-maintained and properly taken care of.

3. Mary Jo Peckham Park

There are various exciting things to do at Mary Jo Peckham Park, including fishing. Hence, if you are searching for a list that contains the top 10 best fishing spots in Houston, then this place has to be included for good reasons.

To start with, there are great amenities around the park, which means it can guarantee a great family day of fishing. The park has a recreation center where you can relax with your people and even picnic tables. Also, passionate fishers can embrace pier and bank access.

To focus more on the fishing aspect, Mary Jo Peckham Park is a nice place to get trout and catfish. There is something for you irrespective of the seasons. Finally, this is a superb place where one can teach someone else how to fish. If you are an expert already, you can come along with your inexperienced friend or child, and teach them how to fish at Mary Jo Peckham Park with ease.

4. Lake Conroe

Located around 40 miles away from the city, Lake Conroe is one of the best places to fish around Houston. Well and fortunately, it is already a famous place for many fishers, as they enjoy visiting the Lake to carry out their fishing adventures.

One of the most interesting things about Lake Conroe is how it has fish that are large in size. For instance, there was a time when a largemouth bass weighing close to 16 pounds was caught here.

5. Tom Bass Park

One of the best fishing spots in Houston is Tom Bass Park. It is a suitable place for fishing due to its structure and other factors. Fishers can find species like catfish, trout, and so on here with ease. It is also helpful to add that the park is a big one that ensures a more relaxing atmosphere for visitors.

6. Lake Livingston

Lake Livingston is not just reputable for being one of the best fishing spots in Houston but is even famously known as one of the largest lakes in Texas as a whole. Here, fishers can easily get the white bass population and catfish. It is also incredible to add that even people without fishing equipments can still come around to borrow cane fishing poles at the park store.

7. Galveston Bay

Galveston Bay should be considered too as far as fishing around Houston is concerned, since it offers great fishing opportunities too. Those who are very passionate about saltwater fishing, can in fact opt for Galveston Bay with great ease.

Here, you can easily work with various guides and charters who will hold you by the hand and take you out fishing on Galveston Bay in groups. Nevertheless, if you are a good fisherman, you can do a lot of great things all by yourself at Galveston Bay. Interestingly, you can find species like redfish, flounder, and bull shark.

8. Sheldon Lake

Here is another wonderful place to fish. As a matter of fact, Sheldon Lake is a well-organized place that is properly managed. It has the exciting features of a wonderful park, and fishers are afforded the opportunity to fish with ease. In the area, you will find more than one fishing pier, and even small ponds for young families to catch and release fish. So you see, here, there is something for everyone.

9. Double Lake

Now, let’s talk about Double Lake. It is a peaceful fishing spot in Houston where you will find bass, bream, and catfish. It has some fishing piers, and it is also a place where starters can thrive.

10. Goose Creek Park

Finally, Goose Creek Park is one of the best fishing spots around Houston, with two piers to facilitate fishing. Fishers can hunt for species like largemouth bass, bluegill, white and yellow perch, and crappie at Goose Creek Park.

Goose Creek Park is just a 30-minute drive from Houston itself, and one can engage in fishing activities from when it opens (5am) to night (10pm).

In Conclusion 

These are some of the best fishing spots in Houston where fishers can hunt for some of the most amazing species of fish in the state of Texas. The city offers a lot of fishing opportunities you should take advantage of as a fisher.

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