Top 10 Best Fishing Spots In Michigan (2024)

If you are around Michigan, one of the best things you can plan to do is to fish and embark on a fishing trip, for several good reasons too. Michigan can boast of various fishing environments and great weather too, and you will love it when fishing here.

While there are several places to fish, some of the best fishing spots in Michigan are locations that should be prioritized due to the great fishing opportunities they offer.

Top 10 Best Fishing Spots In Michigan

1. Lake Michigan

One of the most prominent fishing spots in Michigan is the famous Lake Michigan itself. Incredibly, the lake has been a hot destination for many years now. As a matter of fact, it is one of the oldest fishing spots around here. At Lake Michigan, fishers can get species of fish like largemouth, trout, walleye, salmon, trout, pike, white fish, smelt, yellow perch, etc.

2. Maple River

Another great place in Michigan that can be recommended around Michigan is Maple River. This great fly fishing location is in Michigan’s lower peninsula and has a reputation for offering some really big fish, particularly wild trout.

3. Manistee River

Manistee River is one of the best fishing spots in Michigan for good reasons too. Fishers can hunt for species of fish like trout, salmon, steelhead, etc. The river offers cool fishing opportunities and you should consider here as one of the places to cast a line in Michigan.

4. Lake Erie

You can include Lake Erie on your list of the top 10 best fishing spots in Michigan. One of the best things to take note of about this fishing spot is how you can always fish anytime you want to. Nevertheless, while you have the liberty to fish around here any time of the year, the best time to cast a line is in the summertime.

Unlike some other fishing locations, Lake Erie has offshore fishing spots. This means, even if you are a starter, you can still find something to do here. Generally, fishers can catch the likes of Walleye, trout, and steelheads.

5. Saginaw Bay

Saginaw Bay is another exciting place to fish around Michigan. There are plenty of water and amazing views awaiting you here. The place has a reputation for being an outstanding one to fish Walleye. It is also necessary to place emphasis on its nice amenities that can be utilized to make fishing as convenient as possible for you. Hence, even starters can come towards Saginaw Bay to fish.

Nevertheless, we should also note that while it is pretty unique and exciting to fish at Saginaw Bay, fishers are not permitted to have multiple lines. They only permit 3 per fisher. In all, if you are an experienced person, you will find many things easier.

6. Lake Leelanau

Lake Leelanau is one of the best places one can fish in Michigan. Move towards Upper Lake Michigan and find this amazing small town with numerous fishing opportunities amongst others. You should know that the only nice thing to do around here is not just fishing. Rather, the town can also boast of several parks, restaurants, campgrounds, etc. Due to its peculiarities, it keeps attracting numerous tourists from different places around here.

Hence, this is a convenient place to fish. Even if you don’t have all the fishing skills in the world, you will still enjoy yourself here. You can also consider coming down here with your family and friends.

7. Burt Lake

Burt Lake is a superb fishing spot in Michigan that offers species like channel catfish, walleye, muskie, sunfish, rock bass, bluegill, trout, and crappie. Interestingly, with a lofty reputation, the Lake has so many fish as it is a large one to a reasonable extent.

Burt Lake can even be recommended to starters, since one has the liberty to fish from the bank, unlike certain other fishing spots. In addition to all of these, if you don’t feel like fishing from the bank, you can rent a boat or canoe (which is very recommendable).

8. Hamlin Lake

Fishers in Michigan should experience what it feels like to fish at Hamlin Lake. Here, you can hunt for species of fish like perch, pike, bluegill, crappie, etc. Indeed, the Lake offers a lot of fishing opportunities, with its impressive size – it is over 12 miles long. Additionally, considering the fact that it is around the Manistee National Forest, one can engage in various outdoor activities including bicycling, hiking, etc.

9. Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake is also an impressive fishing spot around here. It is one of the clearest bodies of water you will find around, although it is not as deep as certain others. Nevertheless, if you are insistent on fishing in a deep location, then you should consider Crystal lake. As experienced fisher fishing deep, they will be able to catch large types of fish. Generally, one can easily find species like salmon, steelhead, or lake trout here.

10. Lake St. Clair

Finally, let’s recommend Lake St. Clair. It is part of the Great Lakes system and is a pretty big freshwater spot where fishers can get yellow perch and walleye and musky. As a matter of fact, if you are a fisher insisting on hunting for musky, you can get large ones if you are so experienced.

In Conclusion

These are some of the very best fishing spots in Michigan. As a fisher around here, you should consider adding these locations to your list and experience the immense fishing opportunities they offer. Interestingly, even if you are a beginner, you can still thrive in some of these places as you build your skills and confidence.

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