Top 10 Best Fishing Spots In NJ (2024)

While there are various things New Jersey is known for and that can be done in NJ, fishing is one of the prominent things. It is impressive to note that there are hundreds of places one can fish in New Jersey, which means fishers have a lot of opportunities to utilize.

Some of the best fishing spots in NJ are places where you can find and hunt for different species of fish irrespective of your skill level.

Top 10 Best Fishing Spots In NJ

1. Ramapo River

Ramapo River is a prominent fishing spot in NJ and is already one of the most famous places where fishers cast their lines. Here, fishers can hunt for species like trout, largemouth bass, yellow perch, crappies, etc. You can also do fly fishing at Ramapo River with great ease. Hence, even if you are a starter, you can thrive here without many issues.

2. Delaware River

Delaware River is one of the best fishing spots in NJ where you can hunt for different species of fish. If you enjoy freshwater fishing, then you should visit the Delaware River to engage in your fishing adventures. Amazingly, there are numerous fishing opportunities available here for fishers. If you are well experienced, it is an added advantage.

Before moving to the next thing, it is profound to note that the River is the only body of fr here that allows fishing for American shad. This is one other good reason to give great priority to the Delaware River.

3. Round Valley Reservoir

While making a list of the top 10 best fishing spots in NJ, we should include Round Valley Reservoir for good reasons. With a reputation for being one of the deepest lakes in New Jersey (sinks down to depths of 180 feet), Round Valley Reservoir is a nice place to get cold-water fish.

Fishers can come over here to fish for different species of fish, including big lake trout, bluegill, channel catfish, redbreast sunfish, yellow perch, etc.

4. Lake Hopatcong

Lake Hopatcong is the largest lake in the state, and it is understandable why it is one of the best places to fish around here. It has a superb diversity of fish species. Indeed, the Lake is a place we can recommend to fishers of almost all skill levels. At Lake Hopatcong, you can find the likes of largemouth and smallmouth bass, sunfish, walleye, pickerel, muskellunge, channel catfish, etc.

5. Raritan River

Raritan River is also a great place to fish in New Jersey. It is a unique fishing spot that enjoys a combination of fresh and saltwater fish species – talk about largemouth, smallmouth, and striped bass, plus the likes of Panfish, carp, catfish, etc. If you are good when it comes to fishing, you shouldn’t experience many issues having a nice catch around Raritan River.

6. Island Beach State Park

Island Beach State Park is another great fishing spot in NJ for all types of fishers. It has been a well-known location that has been attracting different passionate fishers for many years now. Saltwater fishing is permitted everywhere around, save for places that are designated as swimming areas. Unlike certain other fishing spots around here, at the Island Beach State Park, one can fish for what they desire with little restrictions. Finally, at the park, you can hunt for weakfish, tautog, flounder, etc.

7. Point Pleasant

Fishers around New Jersey should consider Point Pleasant as one of the most prominent fishing spots around the state. It offers numerous fishing opportunities, and you can always find somewhere to thrive irrespective of your skill level. You should be able to get species like Bluefish, striped bass, and tautog

8. Union Lake

Union Lake is another great fishing spot around here, with a reputation for being the largest freshwater lake in South Jersey. One of the nice things which we should talk about here is how you can hire kayaks, small boats, and canoes to carry out your stuff. Of course, if you want to, fish from the bank, nothing stops you from doing so.

So, if you are an experienced person, you can use a canoe or boat. But if you are a starter, you can decide on fishing from the shore. As a matter of fact, you can get a lot of bass at this location, in addition to different other types of species like the black crappie, the pumpkinseed sunfish, etc.

9. Ocean City

This can easily be recommended to fishers interested in fishing along the pier, as there are lots of amazing fishing opportunities awaiting you. Ocean City allows for regular surf fishing, and you can find species like Bluefish, tautog, shark, kingfish, flounder, rockfish, croakers, shad, sheepshead, sea trout, etc.

10. Parvin State

To be found in Parvin State Park in Pittsgrove, this great lake offers access for shoreline fishers as well as those who want to fish with small boats. You can hunt for species such as largemouth bass, chain pickerel, bluegill, and rainbow trout here.

In Conclusion

These are some of the best fishing spots in NJ. As a fisher, you can decide to try your stuff in any of these fishing spots around the state, and you will be amazed at the opportunities awaiting you which can be benefitted from. As you should have observed already, it doesn’t really matter what your skill level is, there is usually something for everyone. While some of these locations can only be utilized by fishers who are experts in fishing, some others are softer, and starters can flourish greatly while fishing there.

Finally, while you have a whole lot of options to choose from (remember, there are hundreds of places one can fish from around New Jersey), you can however start with the ones highlighted here.

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