What Does Shark Meat Taste Like? [Cooking Guide] (2024)

The majority of those who have had shark meat say that it tastes similar to chicken and alligator. Shark flesh has a moderate, meaty flavor and is best when properly soaked before being consumed. It’s one of the most sought-after seafood options and it won’t break the bank. The flavor is likewise comparable to that of other giant ocean fish, which tend to taste very similar.

So, let us get to know what most shark meats taste likes and all you need to know.

What Does Shark Taste Like

Despite its solid texture and high moisture content, shark meat has a reputation for being quite easy to digest. This helps explain why it’s such a popular seafood dish. Shark is a good source of urea, and shark meat is also high in protein. Most marine organisms naturally produce large amounts of the chemical urea. Because of the urea, it contains, properly prepared shark meat may be quite tasty.

Lots of folks would rather chomp on some raw shark than a greasy fried shark. Still, they take further precautions by thoroughly soaking the meat in order to eliminate any remaining contaminants.

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Mako shark meat is the most popular among those who have tasted both types of shark. The flavor and texture of several sharks may be similar, although this is not always the case.

One of the many points of contention with shark meat is the fact that it is highly toxic due to its high mercury content. There is a lot of mercury in shark meat, but it’s not enough to get you sick if you eat it occasionally.

For the mercury and other metal pollutants to have any negative effects on you, you would have to eat a lot of shark meat every day.

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Blood is still removed during preparation to lessen the likelihood of toxic substances being absorbed. Mako shark meat is less expensive than other types of shark meat and chewier than other types of shark flesh. As a result, it enjoys considerable favor. Even Mako shark flesh goes through a process that guarantees all poisons are removed.

What is Shark Meat And What Should Know?

What is commonly referred to as “shark meat” refers to any seafood that actually consists of shark meat. Many different types of sharks are popular seafood items around the world. Porbeagle sharks, thresher sharks, requiem sharks, and shortfin mako sharks are just a few of the shark species that are widely popular around the world.

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Shark meat is widely utilized as a seafood ingredient, especially in Asian cuisines. Salted, smoked, dried, and even roasted shark meat are all acceptable preparation methods in Asian cooking. Many countries, including Sri Lanka, Mexico, Scandinavia, and India, use it as a staple in their daily diets.

Shark flesh is less common in western cuisines and civilizations. However, its popularity has been on the rise recently, and in some countries, like Iceland and Greenland, shark flesh is a staple.

There has been a recent uptick in the availability of shark flesh at many upscale western eateries. The western world commonly refers to it as Dogfish, Flake, or Huss. The term “skate meat” also refers to ray meat. Shark meat is widely available in modern American supermarkets.

How To Cook Shark’s Meat

Preparing shark flesh is the same as any other type of seafood. Before searing the shark meat, you can either season it with salt, pepper, and your other favorite spices, or you can place all the spices in the pan with the meat. Sauces like soy sauce and Worcestershire are common accompaniments to shark flesh.

As soon as the shark is sliced, it must be rapidly prepared because it spoils easily. The shark meat may have gone bad when it became flaky instead of juicy and transparent.

Remember to soak it to remove the ammonia and gamey scent, as was previously suggested. The soaking process might vary from person to person, with some opting to use milk while others opting for water, lemon juice, and salt.

Because it is so rife with bloodlines and has such a powerfully nasty flavor, the dark meat from the sides of shark flesh slices is typically thrown out. Shark meat can be prepared in a variety of tasty ways, such as in grilled thresher shark, shark fin soup, Spanish shark with pine nuts and tomatoes, baked shark filets, and broiled shark with pesto.

In conclusion, as we have seen, shark meat, when prepared properly, can be rather tasty. If you don’t like trying new things but are curious about shark meat, you won’t be disappointed by the taste.

What Does Shark Fin Soup Taste Like?

It resembled a brown hair comb that had been cooked for several hours until it was almost pliable. It was entirely cartilage, the shape-giving tissue of a live fin, and nothing more. It lacked any discernible flavor but was bouncy to the extreme. Even though I didn’t know what it was, I was confident that I didn’t want a second helping.

What Does Fermented Shark Taste Like?

The best way that I’ve heard shark described it as having a flavor like aged cheese with a touch of ammonia. Comments like “sweet, nutty, and only faintly fishy” and “smells like urine that has a powerful aftertaste” have been made to me. In contrast, the mild kind is actually quite pleasant, being slightly chewy and leaving behind a faint aftertaste.

What Does Great White Shark Taste Like?

The majority of those who have had shark meat say that it tastes similar to chicken and alligator. Shark flesh has a moderate, meaty flavor and is best when properly soaked before being consumed. Popular among seafood eaters due to its low price and abundance of variety, it is worth investigating. The flavor is likewise comparable to that of other giant ocean fish, which tend to taste very similar.

What Does Mako Shark Taste Like?

Mako shark has a rich, meaty flavor with a hint of sweetness. Mako has a similar taste and texture to swordfish, although its meat is juicier and less sweet. When it’s first caught, mako has a very delicate texture and a pinkish or murky reddish color; nevertheless, it firms up and turns a brilliant white once cooked.

What Does Bull Shark Taste Like?

Bull shark meat can be described as either “chicken-like” or “roadkill-like” in flavor, depending on who is eating it. You’ll need to soak it for a while before eating it, despite its meatiness and mild flavor because sharks urinate through their skin.

What Does Thresher Shark Taste Like?

The moderate flavor and solid, meaty texture of the common thresher shark make it a popular seafood choice. Preparing tacos, steaks, or fish and chips has never been easier.

What Does Black Tip Shark Taste Like?

Blacktip shark meat can be described as either “chicken-like” or “roadkill-like” in flavor. As sharks urinate through their skin, the meat is mild and juicy but must be soaked before being consumed.

What Does Greenland Shark Taste Like?

The taste has been described as everything from fishy and mild to intense like blue cheese by those who have tried it. The uric acid causes the ammonia-like odor of fresh Greenland shark it contains. The hákarl from the shark’s body is white and soft, like cheese, while the meat from the belly is crimson and chewier.

Is Shark Meat Poisonous?

Toxic elements, such as mercury, have been found at concentrations in shark meat that are dangerously high for human ingestion. According to a recent article, sharks are not the only marine animals that can carry the potentially lethal marine toxin ciguatoxin.

Is Shark Meat Halal?

There is consensus among the Fuqaha of the four Sunni Schools of Islamic jurisprudence that all fish are halal for human consumption. As members of the fish family, sharks are also included.

What Do You Soak Shark Meat In?

Buttermilk or lemon juice can be used to marinate sharks for at least 30 minutes. This will get rid of the ammonia odor that results from the shark’s dehydration after capture. Before preparing the shark, remove any dark parts.


The meat of sharks has been considered a delicacy in many different cuisines for quite some time. It’s well-known for its possible health benefits and is widely regarded as a superb meat option in certain cuisines.

Since shark meat is a staple in the diets of many peoples, haute cuisine establishments have begun serving it. The question of how shark meat tastes may now be on your mind. You should find out what it is like most people say it tastes like before you try it.

However, there are many who worry that the high concentrations of heavy metals in shark meat are unhealthy for humans. There is concern that consuming excessive quantities of shark flesh could be dangerous due to the high levels of mercury found in the meat.

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